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"Our staff is composed of environmental scientists, chemists, engineers and hydrogeologists who have detailed working knowledge of local, State and Federal regulations. Our staff also includes asbestos air sampling technicians and USEPA AHERA certified inspectors and management planners.."

5: Mold

Toxic molds have been causing serious health conditions in humans for hundreds of years.  These dangerous types of mold can exist in damp environments in our home or workplace without us ever knowing it.  In the past ten years, there have been many reports of toxic molds causing serious and even fatal consequences for infants and sensitized individuals.
Prompt remediation of contaminated material and infrastructure repairs are the primary responses to mold contamination in buildings. All molds need water and a nutrient source on which to grow. Water damage, especially in the areas around pipes and fittings, wet pipe insulation, roof leaks, and in crawl spaces or water closets can be a source for significant mold growth.
Our mold inspections of homes and commercial buildings are performed adhering to standard methods, practices and protocols of the Certified Mold Inspectors and Certified Mold Specialists of the EAA, Indoor Air Quality Council and IESO. We can provide a comprehensive range of fungal remediation services in a cost effective and time efficient manner with the client needs and timeframe given utmost consideration. We provide critical analyses of fungal contamination, detailing remedial alternatives and restoration recommendations.


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