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"Our staff is composed of environmental scientists, chemists, engineers and hydrogeologists who have detailed working knowledge of local, State and Federal regulations. Our staff also includes asbestos air sampling technicians and USEPA AHERA certified inspectors, project designers and monitors."

Anson Group Limited will work with you to develop the most cost-effective cleanup -- or remediation -- solutions available. In addition to such traditional approaches as the direct removal of contaminated soil and the pumping and treating of contaminated groundwater, Anson Group Limited also utilizes cutting-edge remediation technologies, including:

1: Site Remediation

The costs associated with bioremediation can be at least 50 percent below the next lowest cost alternative. This highly effective remediation form uses microbes to clean up spills of chemical compounds which have contaminated soils and groundwater.
Groundwater Air Sparging:
This method offers a reliable alternative to pump and treat technology. Through the construction of a special well into the aquifer that permits air flow, air bubbles rise through the aquifer and strip dissolved volatile compounds out.
Soil Vapor Extraction:
Best employed with contaminants which have high vapor pressures, such as gasoline and some solvents, soil vapor extraction uses underground wells and a regenerative blower to create a vacuum to pull air through the contaminated soil, thus removing volatile compounds.

Regardless of the remediation method employed, we obtain necessary permits and approvals and use state-of-the-art techniques that satisfy regulatory agencies. Anson Group Limited also stands ready to provide clients with:

* RI/FS Reports for Superfund Sites
* Environmental Audits and RCRA Compliance Services
* Asbestos/Lead Management
* Storage Tank Management
* Wetland Investigations and Delineations
Environmental Site Assessments:
Our environmental site assessments can significantly reduce risks to our clients and their lending institutions. Anson Group Limited typically conducts these investigations in a step-wise, cost effective manner at commercial, residential, industrial and undeveloped properties.

Phase I Site Assessments: are of particular importance prior to leasing, selling or re-financing a property. As specified by ASTM, Phase I Site Assessments consist of site reconnaissance, site history and past uses, record searches, and interviews with site managers and appropriate contacts.

Phase II Site Sampling: is the next step and typically includes investigations and sampling of drywells and cesspools, floor drains, hazardous waste storage areas, and soil and groundwater. When conducting Phase II site sampling, Anson Group Limited follows all State and USEPA sampling protocols. Samples are then analyzed by a State-certified laboratory.

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