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"Our staff is composed of environmental scientists, chemists, engineers and hydrogeologists who have detailed working knowledge of local, State and Federal regulations. Our staff also includes asbestos air sampling technicians and USEPA AHERA certified inspectors, project
designers and monitors."

Anson Group Limited continues to lead the way in the use of new and effective remedial methods for cleaning up area spills and leaks.

7: Putting new Clean-Up Methods To Work
Soil Vapor Extraction:

In 1994 we installed soil vapor extraction systems to remediate contamination in several forms -- fuel oil, gasoline and tetrachloroethene (perc). Standard Installation with vertical recovery wells were installed for petroleum recovery systems. Using this method, we completed two projects to the satisfaction of NYSDEC regions I and II--one for municipality, Village of East Hills, and the other for a private client in Flushing, Queens. A third system was installed using horizontal wells.
At one government installation, Anson Group Limited installed a stripping tower to clean the components of an old gasoline storage tank leak from sewage effluent. The system was successfully used for six months while other remedial methods were also implemented, including soil excavation and soil vapor extraction. Groundwater monitoring wells continue to provide data on the status of remediation.
Soil Vapor Extraction:

At a fuel oil spill on Long Island's North Shore, a bioremediation system we had previously designed and installed was enhanced with the addition of a soil vapor extraction system. The additional source of oxygen for the bioremediation process as well as the current oxygen source and nutrients, will expedite the remediation of the soil at this financial institution.

These are just a few of the many cutting-edge remedial methods we are utilizing on behalf of our clients. In addition to being more effective than traditional clean-up methods, these newer systems are also more cost effective. If you have never heard of these systems and would like to find out more about them, please don't hesitate to contact us at 631-351-3555  

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