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"Our staff is composed of environmental scientists, chemists, engineers and hydrogeologists who have detailed working knowledge of local, State and Federal regulations. Our staff also includes asbestos air sampling technicians and USEPA AHERA certified inspectors, project
designers and monitors."

Anson Group Limited has developed storage tank management plans to ensure compliance with applicable Federal, State, and County regulations. Our management plans have typically included tank testing / leak detection and registration, tank removal and replacement. We are currently remediating several sites which have had leaking underground storage tanks.

6: Tanks

As the owner's representative, Anson Group Limited has witnessed the removal of underground tanks used to store gasoline, alcohol, waste oil, fuel oil and diesel fuel. During those removals, our role was to contact regulatory agencies, select tank removal contractors and observe the removal. We will collect soil samples, if necessary.
Anson Group Limited assists homeowners in properly abandoning their tanks. The protocol for tank abandonment includes the installation of soil borings to demonstrate that soils are not contaminated during tank usage, cleaning the inside of tanks, then filling them with sand or concrete. All this work is coordinated with a County representative.
Municipal Case Study :
A Village must replace its gasoline and diesel tanks under Nassau County Article 11. By Village ordinance, all work was performed through a public bidding process. Anson Group Limited prepared specifications, drawings and bid documents for the removal of the old tanks and installation of the two new 4,000 gallon tanks for gasoline and diesel.

Bids were evaluated by Anson Group Limited, bidder qualification were checked, and a recommendation was made to the Village Board, which was accepted. Anson Group Limited observed the contractor's work and interfaced with Nassau County Fire Marshall and NYSDEC to make sure that work was performed in accordance with all Federal, State and local regulations.

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