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Federal Superfund Sites

AGL implemented a project operation and work plan at a chemical plant listed on the National Priorities List as a Federal Superfund site on Long Island.  The plan included opening 17 underground storage tanks for cleaning, installing six borings to groundwater and stainless steel groundwater monitoring wells.  The horizontal and vertical extent of contamination was determined and remedial alternatives developed.  In addition, over 165 drums of hazardous material were sampled for disposal according to Federal and State regulations.

New York State Inactive Hazardous Waste Sites

An industrial facility site that contained contaminated soil was listed as a NYS Inactive Hazardous Waste Site. AGL performed a Phase II site sampling and conducted a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS).  As a result, the Phase III site remediation included excavation of former leaching chambers and cleanout of on-site drywells.

AGL identified the source of groundwater contamination for a dry cleaner.  The implementation of contaminated soil excavation and installation and operation of a soil vapor extraction system successfully remediated the property.  The site was subsequently delisted from the State registry.

At an industrial facility, over 10,000 drums of hazardous material had leaked into the soil.  AGL negotiated a workplan with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) for use of geophysical survey and groundwater monitoring after the removal of drums and excavation of contaminated soil.

Storage Tank Management

AGL was retained by an agricultural facility to identify how to consolidate gasoline, fuel oil, waste oil and diesel tanks to bring the site into regulatory compliance. The scope of work included registration of 32 existing tanks and development of engineering drawings for new tanks.

At a manufacturing facility, AGL coordinated removal of fifty (50) 3000-gallon underground fuel oil storage tanks.  We also remediated soil contaminated with fuel oil, removed and disposed of tank bottoms and sludge. Groundwater monitoring wells were installed to monitor the site for the NYSDEC.

Phase III Remediation

An electrical supply company was closed by the NYSDEC due to extensive contamination in the soil and groundwater caused by gasoline, solvents and waste oil.  The contaminant sources were identified as floor drains and leaking underground storage tanks.  AGL installed two soil vapor extraction systems to remediate the areas surrounding the floor drains and leaking waste oil tanks.  Bioremediation, enhanced with the application of oxygen-releasing compound, into the soil and groundwater led to the successful remediation of the site.

AGL has installed soil vapor extraction systems at several dry cleaner sites throughout Long Island to remediate soil and groundwater contamination caused by former business practices.  The same technology has been applied to active and abandoned gas stations to achieve remediation of petroleum and MTBE contamination.

Indoor Air Quality

At a large office building, several employees experienced dizziness, fainting, nausea and rashes. Repeated illness and a carbon monoxide scare led to evacuation of the area by the local fire department.  AGL investigated the air quality concerns including temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, dust, particulates, asbestos, formaldehyde, and volatile organic compounds.  The investigation of the HVAC system led to complete duct cleaning and installation of HEPA filters. The employees were successfully returned to the workspace.